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Short Shots and Quick Hitters

Some musings, ramblings, and assorted thoughts with a few oddities on this post. Here it goes.


– While it is true that the “Fire Wilson” chants were a factor in getting Ron Wilson getting the axe in Toronto, my feeling is that ownership went to GM Brian Burke and told him, either he goes or you go. This was a self-preservation move by Burke who knows he’s on the hot seat. The Leafs probably won’t make the playoffs this year, and if they don’t next year, expect Burke to be filing unemployment papers.

– Erik Nystrom’s hit on Kris Letang has caused quite a stir on Twitter. Pens and Stars fans have been duking it out on the legality of the hit. Personally I thought the hit was questionable but not dirty. The bigger problem is the equipment which is closer to body armour than anything else.

– Beware of the Buffalo Sabres. With Ryan Miller finding his game again, the Sabres are making a late charge for the playoffs. And Miller is the type of goalie who can steal a playoff series.

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