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By Sam Brief (Sam’s Sports Brief)

On February 5, at approximately 10:12 p.m. EDT, the Patriots were denied access to the endzone in the waning seconds of Super Bowl XLVI to give the Giants another Super Bowl victory.

Now, 216 days later, we find ourselves just one day away from the kickoff of the Cowboys-Giants matchup at MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands. This not only will kickoff the 2012-13 NFL season, but it will reunite America with its true love: Football.

Before our nation resumes its love affair with its favorite sport, here is a preview of what to expect from the upcoming NFL season:

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New Look, New City, New Hope: Why the Brooklyn Nets Have All the Pieces in Place to Excel in Today’s NBA

By Sam Brief (Sam’s Sports Brief)

For a team that has posted a measly record of 126-268 (.320 pct.) over the course of its past five seasons, including a putrid 12-70 season in 2009-10,

Last season was a major disappointment for the Nets, as they managed a meager 22-44 record, leaving the team with major questions going into a new era in Brooklyn.

predicting even a decent season in 2012-13 would be preposterous, but this upcoming NBA season, the newly named Brooklyn Nets have all the pieces in place to exceed decency and surmount even our wildest expectations.

Just 37 days ago, when NBA teams began negotiations with free agents, the Nets faced a potential unloading of their current depth-lacking lineup, which would have put them in complete crisis. Star point guard Deron Williams was an unrestricted free agent, and rumors were strong that he might have been headed to Dallas. Center Brook Lopez, forward Kris Humphries and veteran forward Gerald Wallace were all free agents as well, and losing one of those pieces would have been a colossal blow to the Nets’ roster. Instead, things went in the opposite direction for the Nets, as they re-signed Williams to a five-year deal, Lopez to a four-year deal, Humphries to a two-year deal and Wallace to a four-year deal. In addition to these essential signings, the Nets delivered a knockout punch to the rest of the NBA by sending Jordan Farmar, Johan Petro, Anthony Morrow, Jordan Williams and DeShawn Stevenson to the Hawks in exchange for six-time all-star guard, Joe Johnson. This move put the Nets in prime position with a strong starting lineup including Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries and Brook Lopez. In addition to this durable starting five, a Nets’ bench that

Bringing back Williams and trading for Johnson were two moves that gave the Nets the star power necessary to flourish in the NBA.

faces numerous depth concerns now possesses C.J. Watson, who the Nets signed this offseason to a two-year deal after he cleared waivers, and MarShon Brooks, the young, energetic guard with boatloads of potential.

Even with a remodeled lineup that leads to a renewed sense of hope for the Nets, there are still some nay-sayers out there, saying that their lack of depth will catch up to them or that Williams and Johnson won’t mesh in the Brooklyn backcourt. While both of these are legitimate concerns for the Nets going forward, the positives certainly outweigh the negatives for this upcoming season.

In the past few weeks, the Nets’ dynamic combination of Williams, Johnson, Lopez and Wallace has been dubbed the ‘Core Four.’ The ‘Core Four’ is a very balanced group both offensively and defensively, as they have a top five point guard, a top 10 shooting guard, a top 10 center, and  a reliable defender in Wallace. Compared to the Heat’s ‘Big 3, the ‘Core Four’ is much more balanced, as the ‘Big 3′ does not include a point guard or a center, and they still won the NBA Finals last season. The Nets’ balanced and star-studded ‘Core Four’ has the ability to push the Nets into the Eastern Conference’s elite class this upcoming season.

The entire Nets’ roster contains every trait that a winning NBA team needs: Dynamic scoring (Williams, Johnson), rebounding (Humphries, Lopez),

Hello Brooklyn! The Nets’ new, savvy look and improved sense of swagger is another aspect of the organization that can give the team the confidence it needs to contend.

defense (Wallace, Lopez, Watson), passing (Williams, Watson), outside shooting (Williams, Watson, Johnson, Brooks), and interior offense/defense (Lopez, Humphries). While the Nets seem like a choppy, inconsistent team, they clearly have all the pieces in place to succeed in the Eastern Conference and beyond.

It has all turned around this offseason for the Nets, as on paper, this is a team that can thrive against even the NBA’s best, erase its atrocious reputation in the NBA, and maybe hang up a banner or two during the process. Now, all they have to do is make it happen.

By Sam Brief

Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment, I would love to know if you think the Nets’ offseason successes will be enough to boost them into the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference!

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Sam’s Sports Brief Blog Update

Hi everybody,

Thank you all for reading my blog, and for your awesome support so far.

I am not going to be at home for the next 7 weeks, and I won’t have any internet access, so I will not be able to make any posts for 7 weeks. I will start posting again when I get back home (on August 5th).

I hope you all are enjoying my blog, as I really appreciate all of you who have visited it so far.

I will make my next post on August 5th, when I get back home to internet access!

Also, my radio show, GameTime is taking a summer vacation. We will continue to broadcast GameTime on in August. Thanks!

I look forward to continuing this blog, and seeing just how far it can go!


P.S.- Remember to help me support Stand Up 2 Cancer, a charity fighting to find the cure for cancer! Just go to the Stand Up 2 Cancer orange box on the side, and do an activity for free, you can save a life!

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“GameTime” Episode One

By Sam’s Sports Brief (

Last night, my new radio show, “GameTime,” started off with a bang! In this episode, much was discussed, including the NBA Playoffs, the NFL Draft and the “Elbow Heard ‘Round the World” by Metta World Peace. Below is a partial recording of the first episode. Remember that we will be LIVE every Friday from 7-8 pm (Central Time) on (to listen live you cannot use FireFox).

Link to “GameTime”

By Sam Brief

Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment, I would love to know what you think about these various topics!!

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By Sam Brief (Sam’s Sports Brief)

146 days after the 2011-12 College Basketball season tipped off, just two teams are left standing – the Kansas Jayhawks and the Kentucky Wildcats. The story lines in this game are amazing – both teams have a Player of the Year candidate (Kansas’ Thomas Robinson and Kentucky’s Anthony Davis), both are historic powerhouses (29 combined Final Four appearances), and they faced-off earlier in the season (Kentucky 75, Kansas 65). Which team will come out on top tomorrow? Will it be the Jayhawks or the Wildcats? Which players will play big roles? What are some intriguing matchups to watch? It’s time to find out…




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SMELLS SO SWEET: Which Teams Will Win Big On Day One Of The Sweet Sixteen

By Sam Brief (Sam’s Sports Brief)

It’s Sweet Sixteen time in the 2012 NCAA Tournament and we certainly haven’t seen the usual load of upsets and heart-pounding finishes. Although this is true, there have been not one, but two 15 seeds knocking off two seeds, as Norfolk State stunned Missouri and Lehigh shocked Duke. Other than those two bracket-busters, there has mostly been chalk. Will that continue in the Sweet Sixteen? It is time to find out. Here are my picks for day one the 2012 Sweet Sixteen:



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SHUFFLING HIS CARDS: Why Peyton Manning Should Take His Talents to Arizona

By Sam Brief (Sam’s Sports Brief)

On Wednesday, Jim Irsay and the Indianapolis Colts did the one thing we never thought that we would hear in out wildest dreams: They Released Peyton Manning. Now that the Manning era is over in Indianapolis, not only do the Colts have plenty (plenty!) of rebuilding to do, but Peyton Manning has a

While it does hurt the eyes just seeing Peyton Manning in another uniform, the Cardinals one just looks better than the rest.

crucial decision to make: Where will he play next season?

As the most colossal free agent the NFL has ever seen, Peyton Manning has reportedly received offers from 12 teams: the Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins, Tennessee Titans, New York Jets and four others have reached out to Peyton Manning and his representatives.

Out of those twelve teams, one of those stands out as where Peyton Manning should go: the Arizona Cardinals, and here’s why.

Defense (and Peyton Manning) wins championships

While the Cardinals did struggle at times last season, they were 6-2 in the second-half of the season, winning five or their last six. This was due largely in part to their astounding defense. Adrian Wilson, Patrick Peterson, Calais Campbell and Darnell Docket highlight a defense with the potential to deliver for Manning down the stretch. The Cardinals defense really picked up its game down the stretch, which may be a good sign if they can acquire Manning because three of the past four Super Bowl Champions (Giants, Packers, Steelers) have had defenses that gave up 17 or less points per game in the second-half of the season. And having Peyton Manning “manning the offense” doesn’t hurt your team’s chances. A solid defense is something Peyton Manning didn’t have in Indianapolis.

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The  NBA All-Star break is now wrapping up, and that means that it is time for my 2011-12 NBA Midseason Awards. We’ve had many breakout stars as well as guys who have been making plays for the past 15 years. Taking all of those players into account, I have compiled 2011-12 Midseason NBA Awards: (ALL GRAPHICS MADE BY SAM BRIEF)



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‘Linsanity’ or ‘Tebowmania?’

By Sam Brief (Sam’s Sports Brief)

“All he does is Lin.”

“You just got Tebowed.”

“Jeremy Lin is Linning.”

“Look! He’s Tebowing!”

Both Jeremy Lin (leading ‘Linsanity’) and Tim Tebow (the man at the center of ‘Tebowtime’) are now revered, polarized and are idols to so many worldwide.

Lin, the undrafted free-agent out of Harvard, has been dropped, demoted and doubted throughout his entire career as a basketball player. Now starring on the Knicks, he has a led them to a 7-1 record since he started playing, and is averaging 24.6 points per game and 8.6 assists per game. He also led a

Jeremy Lin exploded against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, scoring 38 points in a 92-85 win.

struggling Knicks team to a 5-0 record without stars Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudamire. While there was worry about what would happen to Linsanity when Anthony and Stoudamire came back, there seems to be nothing to worry about (at least with Stoudamire). Since his return from the tragic death of his brother, the Knicks are 2-1, and Lin is averaging 21 points per game and 9.6 assists per game.What will happen when Anthony returns is a mystery to me. Let’s not forget the Lin puns either. Linsanity, Linning, Linvincible, Linderella, Linception and ‘To Linfinity and beyond’ are just a few, but regardless of which name you want to use, there’s no doubt that the man at the center of it all is thriving (and Linning).

Tim Tebow, the star quarterback out of Florida also had to wait for his turn. When the Broncos were 1-4, and declared Tim Tebow their starter, a mania, a time, and a legend were born. When the Broncos were down 15-0 to the Dolphins late in the fourth quarter, Tebow led them back to victory. When they were down 10-0 to the Bears late in the fourth quarter, Tebow led them back, again. ‘Tebowmania’ was now in full stride. In all, Tim Tebow led the Broncos to an 8-5 record, including a 29-23 overtime playoff victory against the Steelers in which Tebow connected with Demaryius Thomas for an 80-yard touchdown to knock-off the almighty Steelers. This magical run included a six-game winning streak, in which Tebow displayed his heart, will and perseverance to a country that was captivated by the magic of ‘Tebowmania.’

“Tebow displayed his heart, will and perseverance to a country that was captivated by the magic of ‘Tebowmania.”

Linsanity and Tebowmania have their similarities and their vast differences. Let’s start with the similarities:

The winning

In the words of former Jets and Chiefs coach Herm Edwards, “You play to win the game, that’s the great thing about sports.” Both Lin and Tebow have fulfilled this grand goal of sports so far. Lin led an 8-15 Knicks team on a seven-game winning streak to put them back into the thick of the Eastern Conference playoff race. This method of winning with Lin has been deemed ‘Linning.’ (Winning+Lin= Linning)

To say the least, Tim Tebow has done his part in this, too. He led a last-place 1-4 Broncos team to the Divisional Round of the AFC Playoffs. It’s not just the wins that count with Tebow, it’s the way he won. Four of his eight wins came in overtime games and all eight wins came in games that were one-

Tim Tebow's breakout moment had to be this game-winning 20-yard touchdown to knock out the Jets.

possesion games with four minutes or less to go. Even with his harsh critics, Tebow kept winning, which is, after all, the great thing about sports.

Winning+Lin= Linning”

Clutch as can be

In two of the eight games that Lin has made a clutch play in the waning seconds to seal the deal. With four seconds left in Minnesota, Lin drew a foul and made a clutch free-throw to give the Knicks the lead, and the win. Three days later, in Toronto, Lin hit a clutch three with 0.5 seconds on the clock to give the Knicks a 90-87 lead. The poise he showed in the last few seconds of these games was reflective of one Kobe Bryant – or maybe even Tim Tebow.

With Tebow, the fourth-quarter dominance is uncontested by anyone. As I said before, all eight of his wins were a one-possesion game with four minutes or less to go. He threw more touchdowns in the fourth quarter than he did in the other three quarters combined. He also threw for more yards in the fourth quarter than the other three combined. While his apparent waiting to thrive caused criticism, he always seemed to do the same thing in the fourth quarter- lead the Broncos on some miraculous drive for a touchdown–and then do it again. Broncos win. This earned the nickname, ‘Tebowtime.”

Those are some of the similarities between Lin and Tebow. Now here are the differences:

The statistics

In addition to winning, Jeremy Lin has stuffed the stat sheets. Averaging 24.6 points per game and 8.6 assists per game is just the start. His 136 points through his first five starts surpassed Shaq for the most points ever through a player’s first five starts. According to Michael Chernick of, the odds of Jeremy Lin putting together the stats he’s shown every night – eight times in a row- is close to 1 in

In Taiwan, the talk is all about Jeremy Lin.

7,000,000,000,000. Yeah, Jeremy Lin knows how to ball.

“The odds of Jeremy Lin putting together the stats he’s shown every night – eight times in a row- is close to 1 in 7,000,000,000,000.”

Tim Tebow’s strong suit certainly isn’t putting up monster statistics. He finished the season with a putrid 46.5% completion percentage–the worst in the NFL. Tebow averaged a mere 124 yards per game–also the worst in the NFL. Don’t forget about the fumbles either, Tebow fumbled the ball a grand total of 13 times, which is a stat that eventually cost his team in the end. Even though he had a habit of turning it on in the fourth quarter, his stats were still well below-par.

The media reaction

It is almost bizarre that it seems like everyone loves Jeremy Lin. No one on ESPN or any other network has criticized him. No one has said that the magic won’t last or that he doesn’t deserve to be here. It seems as if pretty much all the media is 100% bought in to Linsanity.

Many NFL analysts at networks all over the country were calling out Tebow as “Not an NFL quarterback,” and “not worthy of being on the field.” While there were some Tebow-lovers at ESPN and NFL Network, the voices of the haters outweighed those of the lovers.

Those are the major similarities and differences between Linsanity and Tebowtime, but here’s some of the little stuff.

The team reaction

Both Lin’s Knick teammates and Tebow’s Bronco teammates are very enthusiastic about the madness. They are completely bought in and are having more fun than ever.

That one thing

Here, as Von Miller embraces Tebow, it is easy to see that Tebow's teammates had his back the entire time.

Lin’s one issue is turnovers, as his 46 turnovers in eight games are among the worst in the NBA. Tebow’s weak spot is his completion percentage- 46.5%, which was the worst in the NFL this season.

“(Their teammates) seem completely bought in and are having more fun than ever.”

While Tebowmania has taken a break for the offseason, Linsanity is still in full effect, ripping apart opponent defenses with ease, creating nightmares for opposing coaches. Both of these phenomenons have completely engulfed a nation, and it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

By Sam Brief

Linsanity? Tebowmania? Leave a comment, I would love to know which phenomenon is your favorite!

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